Price list 

Physiotherapy, Dorn method, Manual lymphatic drainage, Massage: Normal, Therapeutic, Sports, Pregnancy, Reflective, Trigger point, Breuss, Flasks 

25 min

Quick rescue, neck or face, children

490 Kč

55 min

Whole back or hands or feet

890 Kč



890 Kč


Breuss massage

890 Kč

85 min

Whole back and arms or legs

1250 Kč

110 min

Whole body

1540 Kč

140 min

Whole body and belly

1820 Kč


As part of therapy

Only tape is paid


1 cm tape

We use TemTex and Pino

2 Kč

Tape (whole)

300 Kč

Kinesiotaping outside therapy 20min

490 Kč

Aroma holistic massage, Indian anti-stress massage, 

Hawaiian Massage Lomi-Lomi, Hot Stone Massage

55 min

950 Kč 

85 min

1300 Kč

110 min

1600 Kč


1900 Kč

Beauty procedure

to be beautiful ....

Anti-cellulite massage   50min 

Manual or vacuum

890 Kč

Anti-cellulite massage + wrap

Manual or vacuum + mud wrap

1300 Kč 

Manual lifting 25min

600 Kč

Manual lifting 55min

with peelingom

1000 Kč


The package includes diagnostics, individual exercises, 

massage and kinesiotaping + taping tape 5m, Length 85min 

Golf a Tenis

1699 Kč

Hokej a Floorbal

1699 Kč

Bike a kolo

1699 Kč

For all massages and treatments, you can purchase a gift certificate for your loved ones.  We will also issue a voucher for any amount. 

The voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. 

Payment is possible in cash, card or via vouchers:

 Sodexo: Sodexo Flexi CARD, Flexi pass, Focus pass, Relax pass, Dárkový pass, Bonus pass

Edenred: Multi, Sport&Kultura, Benefits, Dárkový, e-Ticet (benefitycafe)

UP: Unišek+, Unišek+FKSP

We accept Euro payments only in banknotes up to 50 Euro. We return in Czech crowns. Odds 1 € = 23Kč 

STORNO!!! You can cancel the massage 24 hours before your deadline. If you do not come on your reserved time, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. This amount will be charged on your next visit. 


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