Functional tape is nowadays very popular and widespread. It is used by active and recreational athletes, physiotherapists, but also personal fitness trainers.

Their field of effectivity is very wide. They are used for stabilization of the joints or relieving the overloaded muscles, but also for increase of tension in the muscles (for example after injury), when the applied kinesio tape stimulates the lymphatic system. They are also used in treatment of internal illnesses, such as intestinal constipation, it is also used to support the function of the diaphragm or breathing function.
They are medically unobjectionable, and they can be used on infants as well as adults. They are also ideal for allergic people, if we use the ones produced from 100% cotton with hypoallergenic glue.


We apply the functional tape always on a clean skin. If there are bits of gel on the skin after application of shockwave therapy, we recommend to wash the area. You can use fully equipped showers in our facility (including large enough towels).

  • The application alone is fairly fast act, therefore it is important to undergo the examination with physiotherapist, to know exactly how to apply the tape (in the range about 20-30 minutes)
  • Degreasing the skin with white spirit (we ask in advance whether you have allergy on white spirit)
  • Applying the tape
  • You will get instruction on how to manipulate with the tape, when and how to take it off (and instructions on the paper to take home)


  • To men we recommend to shave the area where we will apply the tape.
  • It is important to clean the area in full range of the muscles, which have a functional relation with the painful area. For example during elbow pain you should shave your elbow, forearm to wrist.
  • Please , shave the skin at least 1 day before application. If you did so in the day of the application, the possible small wounds caused by shaving won't recover, and your skin could become itchy under the tape.