Breuss massage

Breuss massage is a sensitive spinal massage that safely dissolve psychological, energetic and physical blockades. Developed by Rudolf Breuss (1899-1990). It is a massage that is especially designed for the intervertebral discs - they can be revitalized with a gentle, slow and repetitive massage to the spine and the use of St. John's Wort Oil.

This method assumes that over the years the discs dry out. By stimulating through massage the vertebral column and by massaging St. John's Wort oil along the vertebrae the oil gets absorbed and nourishes the vertebral discs leaving them rejuvenated and more flexible. Furthermore the massage allows to correct small disc displacements that might have occurred by incorrect posture and back muscle tension is released.

St. John's Wort improves both the physical and emotional health, increases blood circulation, metabolism and detoxification - to enhance these benefits a special silk paper is applied at the end of the massage. The oil contains excellent antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties. Caution: St John's wort can cause sensitivity to light so please avoid sun exposure for 24 hours after the massage (do not go to a solarium either).

Calming and soothing - the effects of the Breuss spinal massage are equal to those of a healthy full night's sleep. In the opinion of many who have received and enjoyed the benefits of this massage, the Breuss spinal massage is one of the nicest massage techniques ever developed and its results are remarkable.