Manual lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic technique when therapist applies with his hand a gentle pressure on the skin, which leads to relief of the lymph and its further movement from the intercellular space, through capillaries, lymphatic vessels, nodes and consequent suction of the lymph into the bloodstream, which is where the thoracic duct leads into the superior vena cava which is close to the heart.

During manually performed lymphatic drainage, you can ask the therapist how intensively you want to feel the pressure, or which places to avoid if it's unpleasant, or improper from a medical point of view.


Something extra

  • For increased effect of the therapy we will offer you a drink. Drinking regime should be kept during the therapy. Speeded circulation of the lymph can cause a sense of thirst and lack of water in organism can cause unwanted effects, such as headaches, buzzing in ears, tiredness, dizziness etc.. Please, stay hydrated also during the day. Optimally you should drink at least 3-4 liters of water in the day of the therapy.
  • Part of the chosen prepaid cards (to see offer below) is also entrance to any group exercise from our offer.