Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy, sometimes called Neuromuscular Therapy uses techniques developed in the USA and Europe to address "knots" in our muscles developed through stress and overload. After a session you should feel freer - regaining your natural flexibility and zest!

Release fascial restrictions and scarring

We all know how scars can feel they restrict movement. In damaged tissue we can develop a thickening of the fascia, most visible on Achilles Tendonopathy, but present where we have chronic inflammation.

Myofascial Release aims to stretch and remodel thickened fascia, allowing the body to revert to natural patterns of movement.

Regain awareness of your body!

Paying close attention to your body and how you move in a supervised setting can help cultivate greater awareness of ourselves so we can improve our strategies for movement.

The evidence base for these techniques, particularly whether they do what they claim to do, is still being developed. Please check the Blog on this website for Martin's thoughts on this. However, subjectively, people can feel an improvement in flexibility and energy levels, which can itself help turn around attitudes to chronic dysfunction!